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My Career

Leading Role - Nicole Vonlee Titlow

Deadly Women - Gambling Lives Away, John Maverty 2015

Nicole Vonlee Titlow is a transgender woman who needs money for gender affirmation surgery. Her aunt, Billie Jean Rogers, is a gambling addict who loses up to $20,000 a night at casinos, and her alcoholic millionaire husband, Don, has threatened her with divorce. In August 2000, Billie Jean enlists Nicole to help her murder Don with the promise of money for her surgery. Nicole is serving a minimum 20-year sentence in a male prison. 


Series Host

Bent TV - Trans-mission, Andy McNamara 2017

Trans-mission is a video series that focuses on Trans & Gender Diverse people and their lives. Bent TV produced a previous series of Tran-mission in 2014. Bent TV has now merged with Joy 94.9 and a new 2017 series of Trans-mission has been produced. The series explores groups and individuals from the Trans & Gender Diverse Community.

Leading Role - Cait 


Short Film - Love Is Not In The Glass, Dave Krunal 2017 


"Love Is Not In The Glass" is a short film by Dave Krunal - A transgender woman tells her dating story. Cait understands the struggles of being a transgender woman and dating in a world that isn't always open to who she is as a person. Cait confides in an acquaintance but who is this man and why does Cait trust him with her life story?

Leading Role - The Internet 


Short Film - Zombie Sharkageddon II, John Cunningham 2017

Zombie Sharkageddon II is a short film by John Cunningham. All is not what it seems in this suburban home and the relationship between two cosmic lovers. How much does Gary "The Gazza" really know about his out of this world girlfriend and what does she have in store for her tunnel vision boyfriend? 


Leading Role - Kayleigh Woods 


Deadly Women - Twisted Desires, John Maverty 2018 

Kayleigh Woods and Jack Williams are obsessed with Satanism. Their toxic relationship is witnessed by their housemate Bethany Hill, Jack's ex-girlfriend. After having Jack removed from their apartment by police, he is soon back with Kayleigh once again and living in the apartment. On February 2nd, 2016 Bethany calls her father to seek help moving from the apartment, that night, Kayleigh and Jack attack Bethany, binding her and placing her in a bathtub before torturing her and severing her jugular vein. After cleaning up the crime scene, Kayleigh calls the police and claims Bethany had committed suicide. Both receive 26 years to life.

Featured Extra 


Screen Australia Feature Film - M4M, Paul Ireland 2018 

M4M is an interpretation of William Shakespeare's 'Measure for Measure', set in Melbourne's notorious commission flats, that provide the setting for an exploration of love, loyalty and justice. Starring Hugo Weaving and directed by Paul Ireland. 

Radio Personality 


Joy 94.9 - The Gender Agenda 2018 - Current

Trans, non binary and gender non conforming radio looking to demonstrate that trans people can be fun, happy, successful, confident, and visible. The concept of the program is to show the general population that trans people are real, resilient, cool, funny, sometimes uber-nerdy, and can also live fulfilling lives! Music, news & weekly segments plus heaps more. 

Student Actor 


The Foundation Year Program - Film & Television Studio International 2019

The Foundation Year is an outstanding television based professional program designed exclusively for the student actor that wants a more intensive and steady training program. Actors will be working with some of the finest professionals in the business including working actors, award winning television directors, executive producers, show creators and casting directors, sourced Australia wide.

Feautured Extra

Feature Film - Underground, Steve Ravic 2019

Underground is a feature film where in a city of millions, many go missing without a trace. One day it could happen to you or someone you love. You will have to fight to the death, just to survive. You are now part of their show! You are now part of their game! Once you reach the Hotel Underground, there is no way home.

Leading Role - The Internet 
Short Film - Zombie Sharkageddon II Version 2.0, John Cunningham 2019

Zombie Sharkageddon II Version 2.0 is a short film by John Cunningham. All is not what it seems in this suburban home and the relationship between two cosmic lovers. How much does Gary "The Gazza" really know about his out of this world girlfriend and what does she have in store for her tunnel vision boyfriend?  This is a remaster of the original film Zombie Sharkageddon II.


Feature Model 


Photoshoot - Everyday Lingerie Co - Founder, Danielle Sady 2019

Everyday Lingerie Co was born out of a desire to create a range of underwear that makes its wearer feel no prejudice towards their body. Designed in Melbourne, Everyday Lingerie Co’s pieces are made using the finest bamboo fibres. Everyday Lingerie Co is an innovative new Australian lingerie brand, creating pieces designed for every body, showcased on everyday women, to wear every day. Unlike many lingerie brands, Everyday Lingerie Co does not cater to a specific age or size. The brand’s pieces range in sizes 8 to 22. 




Pageant - Miss Gay & Miss Trans Australia International - Founder, Gayzha Davao 2020

Miss Gay & Miss Trans Australia International is an Australian-based international beauty pageant for female impersonators and transgender women that aims to promote inclusion, diversity and equality for LGBTIQA+ people. 

Feature Model


Fashion Show - Th!s Is Me - Founder, Tina Brunet 2020

Th!s Is Me is an fashion showcase that gives womxn a platform to shine. All models featured are those who identify as women. Who have overcome. Who have felt powerless and unworthy. We want to lift them high. We want to celebrate them. This event is a women led initiative.  All decision makers, committee and artists are people who identify as women.



Pageant - Miss Trans Global - Founder, Sahhara Iris 2020

Miss Trans Global is a digital pageant and inaugural event providing a platform for a diverse heritage of transgender women from all walks of life. The pageants key goal is to raise awareness and funds for vulnerable transgender women. Rebeckah became the first winner of the title Duchess Global, representing Australia.  



Model Competition - Maxim Cover Girl Australia 2020

Maxim Cover Girl Australia is a national competition. The winner of the Maxim Cover Girl competition wins a featured cover photoshoot and contract with Maxim Magazine. Rebeckah was voted into the top 3 within the preliminaries.  

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